A Passionaate Gospel of True Love

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The novel rolls down from the passage of childhood into the corridors of selfless love and affection. In this well structured narrative Poonaam Uppal opens up her own life that transcend from age of innocence to that of adult. The real life characters make the book interesting with anecdotal accounts of characteristic idiosyncrasies that we all inherit.

The narration is fluid and engaging, the description of human wants and desire and the angst involved in pursuit of one’s true love. The story evolves from the nascent stage of youth to that of unbridled romance the embittered intricacies and the ecstasy that follow. Poonaam Uppal recounts the romantic phase of her life and of consequent divinity she ingrains thanks to the blessings of MA Durga.

Unlike many romantic novels the story has an unconventional ending. The reader is intertwined in intrigue and charisma of true love. The style and the simplicity of language renders this Popular Indian Author's creative zeal.