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Why, are we wasting their time in religion, which divides our human race?

30 Nov, 2014Poonaam Uppal
Why, are we wasting their time in religion, which divides our human race? Religion divides BUT love unites.

Only consummate union between True Lovers, man the worshiper and woman the Goddess creates Holy Kama Sutra, no Religion, can give you a glimpse of Divine, but sex and sex alone, can take human towards God. In the path of love, a human can create his own Holy Kama Sutra and live in the ultimate bliss.

I took nine years to write this precious...

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The esoteric, extinct, secret Ancient Art of True Love....

24 Nov, 2014Poonaam Uppal

The esoteric, extinct, secret "Ancient Art of True Love is the ultimate secret to build a happy Marriage.

All around the globe divorce rates are climbing rapidly in "Shining India". "The chances of this year's newly-weds staying together for the rest of their lives are slimmer than ever. "Love Marriages are failing equally. Is this sacred institution of our ancient glorious past headed towards ‘Dead End'? —Perhaps or perhaps not? Nonetheless, there is a monumental shift in our society's behavioral patterns...

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Sex and love are topics that Indian society tends not to discuss...

17 Nov, 2014Poonaam Uppal

Sex and love are topics that Indian society tends not to discuss, but do we have to take the western rout of handing down condoms to our youth or we would teach them ancient wisdom?

The sex between true lovers is not lust, however sex should be waited for longed for, artfully prepared and lingered for and reached as a pursuit of salvation because then it becomes a divine ritual and sex must come only after one has crossed the stage...

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Why is modern world crowded with mismatched unhappy couples?

04 Nov, 2014Poonaam Uppal
I feel world is crowded mismatched couples because I am absolutely positive that only the extinct, esoteric, ancient “Art of True Love” and “Holy Kama Sutra” can be a solid foundation for the beautiful institution of marriage because in modern world marriage has lost its  sanctity, however they have become a kind of an institution which brings two individuals into an arrangement and more than love this arrangement is based on lengthy analytics such as reputation...
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Does true love exist?

27 Oct, 2014Poonaam Uppal
Almost everyone desires being in a true and eternal relationship. As soon as one gains puberty, one begins looking for the person with whom one can create a lifelong relationship. Having that one person in life is just like a dream come true. A true love gives happiness in all conditions. No matter how severe the trouble is, it seems to be tolerable, if you have your love with you. A true love keeps you pacified in all...
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I unveiled many treasures on the path of Love

20 Oct, 2014Poonaam Uppal
I unveiled many treasures on the path of Love
On the path of love I found many treasures hidden beneath the pile of my sensitive psyche and one by one I unveiled hidden secrets of the universe and I began traveling back into time and I revisited my childhood .This is the first poem which emerged from the deep caves of my heart when I first visited my childhood home 18 years later.
I think I...
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14 Oct, 2014Poonaam Uppal
  1. Here is my answer, love is not an infatuation, lust or convenience, nonetheless it’s something much more than that, love is a beautiful journey which Twin Flames, true Lovers And Split Halves do together like how Gaurang Rana and Moh Lal Rai did it in my book. Together these true lovers had embarked on a journey through an ancient pathway to the mystical realm. 
  2. Love...
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Is this called love?

08 Oct, 2014Poonaam Uppal
Can Love be expressed by a mythological Eros or cupid a naked cherubic boy having wings and holding a bow and arrow,  used as a symbol of love. Can love be expressed communicated or conveyed by a valentine day card or the red heart shape balloons, candle light dinners, a gift?
Is this called love?
Every week I will reveal what love really is so wait for my answers as  I will unveil bit by bit what exactly the emotion...
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01 Oct, 2014Poonaam Uppal
  1. Here is my answer, love is not an infatuation, lust or convenience, nonetheless it’s something much more than that, love is a beautiful journey which Twin Flames, true Lovers And Split Halves do together like how Gaurang Rana and Moh Lal Rai did it in my book. Together these true lovers had embarked on a journey through an ancient pathway to the mystical realm.
  2. Love is an art which you have to learn...
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I believe in love Do you?

01 Oct, 2014Poonaam Uppal
What does the word L-O-V-E stands for?
First I want people to know what love really stands for.
Longing___________ L   stands for Longing, a strong persistent yearning or desire
Oath_______ O stands for oath, a solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill Venus______ V stands for Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty.
Eternal______ E stands for eternal without beginning or end; existing outside of time forever true or changeless
What is love?
Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. A feeling...
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22 Sep, 2014Poonaam Uppal
“Why modern couples live in unhappy marriages? How many truly happily married couples do you know? What are the reasons for failed marriages across the globe? And how do we find a solution?
As per my knowledge for enjoying a blissful relationship “Each soul must find and unite with its twin soul. As every soul has a spiritual twin soul that is their exact polar opposite. Each of these twins retained a seed of their counterpart before they began their journey...
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Retro fashion style of 70’s

19 Sep, 2014Poonaam Uppal
For most people, fashion style of the 70’s is one of the favorite period because it is the era from which trends has been repeatedly introduced, picked and revamped. Seventies fashion has been repeatedly re-explored. Designers look back to this era and draw out inspirations to redesign their latest trendy outfits. Well, whatever the reason may be, this era remains the eye candy for the fashion freaks.

Fashion trends of the 70’s was classic in...

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Everything is not "OK" in Modern India

23 Jul, 2014Poonaam Uppal
Do we follow the Saturn Ruled Black Age Mantra "Have fun, sab Chalta hai yaar" "Every Thing is "AN OK" in Modern India" Or Do we follow the Yellow Brick Road To Enlightenment which will take our human race to the Promise land.

Our present age is Kalyug the black age ruled by Tamsi planet "Saturn" but do not get confused Saturn is the most righteous planet he doesn't ask people to do wrong .In the present age as...
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Religion Divides But love Unites

21 Jul, 2014Poonaam Uppal
Only consummate union between Twin Souls, man the worshipper and woman the Goddess creates Holy Kama Sutra, No Religion, No Temple, No Mosque and No Church could give you a glimpse of Divine, your union with your twin soul alone can give, you a glimpse of God only True Love brings you closer to divine. Why, would then people waste their time in religion, which divides our human race? Religion divides, love unites and in the path of love, a...
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Can’t we achieve liberation without leaving infatuation & illusion?

09 Jul, 2014Poonaam Uppal

In Kaliyug the human being has become obsessed with things like sex, money, and power than to search for God or their source, and he has lost his way back to God and in this black age true Love & Holy Kama Sutra is the easiest path to salvation, Nirvana and even Moksha.

For thousands of years human has obstructed his thinking but the search never stopped still every human yearns for that True Eternal Love that other half more than...

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Is India Really Shining?

09 Jul, 2014Poonaam Uppal

Modern Indians are behaving like Americans is this India, is this Bharat I loved so immensely. Is this the Bharat of Krishna, Rama and our Maharani Maa Durga? I have to sadly say no, we are in a new India. Lost, mystified, puzzled, I search my India everywhere where-ever I go, I am looking for my lost India my old India “Mera Bharat Mahan”. Where was my Bharat? Where did it go? Do we live in the myth of “Shining...

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Why People Have Started Believing In One Night Stand?

08 Jul, 2014Poonaam Uppal
Although, one night stands were not that common in India but lately they are becoming the part and parcel of our present modern Indian society. Perhaps they are quite common in certain professions like modelling fashion and glamour world. One night stand has become synonym with our modern society. Olden days are gone where people used to go on culture, family and many other aspects. But, now time has changed. Not only “One night stand rather I would...
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Love Comes As A Butterfly Tipped With Gold

26 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
Could Love forever run like a river--------Lord Byron???

In the end, all things merge into...

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I Love You

24 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
A simple word can be spoken in thousand different languanges, however the meaning remains the same.
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What is "The End Of Times Mystery"

24 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
Difference in our relationship had reached a state where it was stretched the maximum degree or rather point of hostility. Potential difference of opinion was causing mental and emotional strain for both of us. Stress is a vasoconstrictor and it was draining us both as we were too susceptible to such imbalance. How could there be balance between our opposing elements and tendencies “The ten-
sion was created because of diagonally opposite approaches?

I looked out far as far...
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In Love "Separation Is Preparation"

23 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
The first thing which is most important in one’s life is to feel the romance and love. A person who wants romance must learn the finer things in life because romance is a finer art therefore only few blessed ones are able to love deeply. You have to cultivate the sensitive side of your being. Like take a walk in nature watch the green lush surroundings around you. Learn to connect with the Mother Nature therefore at least 30 minutes...
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Are we ready to wait for the natural fragrances?? If you can you will wait for True Love...

19 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal

Enjoy the AH!!!  of nature just live for the moment feel the AH!! enjoy the moment ....

I was waiting in a long queue at the Mumbai airport finally my turn comes and before I can enter the rest room I am pushed aside by a big fat lady. This all happened in such a speed ……..So what someone just pushed me aside... This is a simple incidence it happens everywhere but it...
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17 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
Only if you match your musical love notes with mine
My life would be a melodious Lyrical Ballad.
Only if you make a home and surrender your heart to me
All my prayers would be fulfilled.
Only when we walk hand In hand in the moon lit nights
My dreams will find their expression.
Only when we will surrender ourselves in each other’s arms,
We will find the nectar of sweetness
Only if you smile and we both...
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True Love

06 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
How do we find TRUE LOVE
One of my friend the other day said “I’ave learn t that real love is caring for each other, sharing the same outlook on life and seeing each other as marriage material."The love where you have constant battles and are mad about each other is not as healthy.”
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A Passionaate Gospel of True Love

05 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
The novel rolls down from the passage of childhood into the corridors of selfless love and affection. In this well structured narrative Poonaam Uppal opens up her own life that transcend from age of innocence to that of adult. The real life characters make the book interesting with anecdotal accounts of characteristic idiosyncrasies that we all inherit.
The narration is fluid and engaging, the description of human wants and desire and the angst involved in pursuit...
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