Poonaam Uppall Interview

What inspired you to write this book? I am a fashion designer by profession and I had absolutely no intention to become an author and write this "Bible of True Love". Nevertheless, writing this book "A Passionaate Gospel of True Love" which certainly is my own True Love story is my "mystical and spiritual responsibility" and it was known to me by higher forces in year 2003, after which I was compelled by the powerful Goddess Durga, who is my guide and Guru to leave my fashion business in the US and pen down my "true love story" in my oceanfront apartment in my vacation home at the "Bay of Bengal" in Chennai, Southern India where this book "A Passionaate Gospel of True Love" was compiled and Chennai is the same spot from where the final chapter in the history of mankind "the end of the world" will begin. From youth to a mature woman, the story unfolds with candor to divulge the angst of her romance. The account of her true love intertwined in agony of passion and desire are engaging. Popular romance novel in 2014, A Passionaate Gospel of True Love excels in structured narrative and deciphers her romantic interlude alluringly.
Top romance author in India, Poonaam Uppal has transcended from fashion designer to divinity. Her work is a narration of vivid accounts of life in India and eventual emancipation of her character. Poonaam Uppal author is a divine incarnate of Goddess Durga. She is engaged in future publications of mystical accounts of her divine revelations.

What is the message of your book? The book has two powerful messages:
1. Say no to premarital sex and find your True Love
2. Love unites, religion divides It is time we bury the old and embrace the new.
The book is beginning of an Inquilab, a new world order for the youth. It will create a history of a new kind, I know, it will receive lot of opposition from different religions from different quarters yet I, the Love Messiah; have come here with a wakeup call for the youth, find God through the easiest path — True Love.
A Passionaate Gospel of True Love unravels the mystery of Kama Sutra which is connected with the end of the world prediction. Book has my many accurate predictions and most prominent is the one about the first Tsunami which was "Beginning of the End" or I would rather put it this way "Tsunami was just the trailer movie is yet to come". Book also answers all the questions related to our modern Indian society and Western influence on our youth and its value system which is going downhill and before we end up like Westerners, we must know certain secret ancient codes and save our coming generations.

Why do you say "no mosque, no temple and no churches; Holy Kama Sutra the only religion of the future"? Only through God I have received this knowledge. I was given the knowledge by Maa Durga and the blue throated lover Lord Shiva. My book does not say, do not worship god or do not believe in religion, however, my book is a book of revelation which teaches that all the religions in this world take you to almighty God but the path which is the shortest and the eaiest is True Love; as only true lovers will be able to move to a higher dimension or like Bible states enter the Promise Land.

Why did you choose to write a book about Kama Sutra? "I did not choose "Kama Sutra". Nonetheless, the ancient book of "Kama Sutra" and Maa Durga have chosen me to be the one, to unravel the truth behind these riddled Sutras of Kama besides my book is not an Erotica. However, it is an Esoterica a divine, True Love story which has taken place in the modern times and how two normal new age human beings have discovered sacred love, this is their progress from human to divine. This love story will teach human how to make love holy and create "Holy Kama Sutra".

What is "Holy Kama Sutra"? It is a revolution, a new world order, a new religion, a new dharma, the easiest way to Nirvana and Moksha is through love, sex and Holy Kama Sutra. The book "A Passionaate Gospel of True Love" is a book of revelation. Revelation of a revolution and also declaration of a new religion which will create uproar, upheaval in the modern world with their present mindset. This will change the way of thinking in human beings forever. To know what is Holy Kama Sutra and how do couples create Holy Kama Sutra you must read the book "A Passionaate Gospel of True Love".

Why a woman had to write a book on Kama Sutra? I feel a woman can remain chaste, and feminine power is dominating the world at present, therefore, an avatar or the Messiah has to be a woman besides only a woman could follow strict rules and have sensitivity to achieve such a difficult task of being a mother, a dutiful wife, a designer and lead a chaste life. Can a man be a mother as well as a guru, not by any chance? History is witness saints are only saints they do not have to take care of children but I had to do it all.

Why did you follow strict celibacy to write about Kama Sutra? Nobody could write a Shastra or anything on the subject of sex when they indulge in sex. One must leave sex to write about it. Kama Sutra was written by the guard of Lord Shiva Nandishwar. After a blissful union with his wife Goddess Parvati on mount Kailash, Lord Shiva gave the knowledge of Kama Shastra to Nandishwar.
As only after his union, Lord Shiva realized nothing in this world could give you a glimpse of divine the way a blissful union with your split half could. Only through the union with one’s twin self one becomes Ardhanareshwar. After this realization, Lord Shiva gave this sacred knowledge to his disciple Nandikeshwara who complied it as Kama Shastra, later Vatsyana living in Kashi and following a chaste life rewrote Kama Sutra, however, the message was not completely correct as Vatsyana was a man and he got influenced by the Kaliyug and corrupted the message to a large extent, therefore, Goddess Durga has sent the Love Goddess, the Messiah, to teach the correct message of Kama Shastra.
You stated that you edited this book yourself as only you could follow strict guidelines required to write on this sensitive subject such as following strict celibacy, eating pure vegetarian food and taking no alcohol during the writing as well as the editing of this book.
Yes that is an absolute truth. Although, eating garlic and onion or drinking wine in a balanced manner or for that matter eating meat is not wrong as per my point of view, however, Kama Sutra is a Q & A WITH POONAAM UPPAL 1 5 Shastra and I have come here to give knowledge of "Kama Yoga" the giver of knowledge must always stay away from vices as knowledge can be gained only through penance. Neverthless, once I finish spreading the message of this "Bible of True Love" I can follow a normal life.
I know rishi munis have considered Kama or sex a Tamsi or lower act but I do not consider it a lower act. Vishnu was called Kama and Shiva was the controller of Kama so were they Tamsi or low, no. Kama Shastra is a Shastra like Dharma Shastra, Arth Shastra, hence a Shastra is a booklet of knowledge and knowledge can never be lower. Since, I am Messiah who will teach Kama Yoga to human beings, I do not consider sex or Kama lower and to achieve this knowledge from Lord Shiva I did similar penance like our rishi munis or even much more as I had to stay away from sex, food and alcohol while living in a western society where this is not considered wrong. In my opinion the receiver of knowledge must follow all the rules laid in our Shastras.

Can you tell me about your campaign "AH!!! Connect withnature"? I am urging the lovers’ world over Hello, Namaste, Prannam, Salaam, Salute, Ciao, Bonjour, Hola, Shalom, Aloha. Lovers world over here is my first tip on how to find your True Love? Learn the AH!!! Admiring the romantic surrounding helps you connect with nature; connect with your inner core, your ancient past and Mother Nature. Mother Nature is the principle of consciousness; she is indivisible reality and awareness. This is an ancient science called "The science of life", thousands of years old tradition of universal wisdom of Vedas. Mother Nature is the source of all wisdom. It understands us like a mother, so once you connect and send a message to your true ancient lover through her, she sends the message across and helps you unite with your split half, your twin soul, your true eternal lover from the past. But you must take the first step to connect with Mother Nature.
Join me in my effort to help lovers connect to their ancient past and support my project "AH!!! Connect with nature", and help Mother Earth to look beautiful like ancient times, therefore, I urge the lovers world over please "Connect with nature and develop the AH!!!".

And how could we do that? If you are searching for True Love, first visit the places in nature which gives the AH!!! The first place I recommend to the lovers world over is to visit Bhedaghat nestled in the scenic Central Indian province, the heartland of India in the city of Jabalpur. But you must visit this place during a full moon night to bring out the true romantic in you. And do not forget to take a boat ride on a full moon night because that is a mystical experience not from this world. I would also urge lovers to visit beautiful "Love Temples" of Khajuraho.
the unexplored realm of true lovers, split halves and twin souls. Read "A Passionaate Gospel of True Love" and unravel the ancient mystical secret how to find your True Love and create "Holy Kama Sutra".
I have been through 29 years of pain to find my True Love. At the end of Black Age, I, the love Messiah, Poonaam Uppal is only here to unite human beings under the umbrella of love and teach them one most important lesson that "Religion divides but love unites". Therefore, I want to guide each and every human being to find their True Love, so they could enter the higher dimension before the end of this world because "Tsunami was just a trailer, movie is yet to come".
"A Passionaate Gospel of True Love" is my True Love story. I have experienced True Love like the ancient Gods Shiva and Shakti. My story dear friends is no fiction and it is an example for others that story of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is not fiction as it has made out to be, by some writers to gain quick publicity perhaps in the Western society. True Love has happened for me in my journey from "Designer to Divine", therefore, I firmly believe True Love can happen for you all too, so go ahead and read the "Bible of True Love". Support me in my effort and my new project "AH!!! Connect with nature" to bring back the lush green surroundings for our beautiful planet Mother Earth.