Poonaam Uppal - "A Gospel of Passionate Love"

From Designer to Divine

From a humble background in her youth Poonaam Uppal turned into a fashion designer of repute. The transformation did not end there, with blessings of MA Durga she turned into a divine soul. Her divinity guides her to overcome her obstacles and reach her objectives.

Poonaam does not believe in the intricacies of religious fervor, her faith revolves around romance. She believes in unification of diverse ideologies through devotion on path of true love. She follows the salient principles of Kama Sutra the aspect devoid of sex but inclined on the intensity of passion, ecstasy and zeal. The encumbrance of revelation of true love based on Kama Sutra was ordained by MA Durga.

The ultimate bliss or state of Nirvana is reached through true love. This is attained by intertwining of heart, mind and soul of individuals involved in true love. Kama Sutra is a holistic science, a treatise on passionate relationship between men and women. The narrative transcends into the mingling of the celestial beings as depicted in the Khajuraho Temples in India.

In her classical works Love Goddess Poonaam Uppal unravels the unknown aspects of Holistic Kama Sutra Science. For a designer the interpretation is deciphering a mix of ancient art and science that eventually ventures into abstract. Poonaam Uppal successfully pens down the revelation in her write ups devoid of erotica. She creates contemporary treatise based on passionate love as depicted in the core of Kama Sutra. Life & Times of Poonaam Uppal

Life & Times of Love Messiah Poonaam Uppal

Indian Love Messiah Poonaam Uppal, as an author the Love Goddess is a genius writer on true love. She epitomizes the treatise of Kama Sutra in her work. Her narrative is a revelation of true love a phenomenon with in depth analysis.

As a designer the creativity is evident and as divine incarnation love manifests as holy.  She transcends from earthly into divine personification with the blessings of MA Durga. She turns ordinary into extraordinary with the power of mystical insight as the divine energy manifests into the holy.