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In Love "Separation Is Preparation"

23 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal

Is separation the end of the love?

No in love Separation Is Preparation. Separation means you have crossed the first milestone and there are many you need to cross before
you reach your destination but one rule of thumb is very important in love "Always choose your heart over your mind" Because Heart is your best friend and the connection with your lover but mind he is an evil trickster so in matter of love always choose What-Your-Heart-Tells-You-To-Do.

"I go alone on my path,    
My love-goes alone on his path
 Birds do not sing any more, 
The sea breeze does not stir me anymore,
The houses on both sides of the street stay silent.
Noises outside are louder my dear friend.
However, I can’t hear them anymore.  

 I sit on my balcony and the moon still shines.
But, the rays don’t sooth any more.
Trees are still there but the leaves do not rustle any more.
Sea is moving but it doesn’t have rhythm any more.
 My own heart beats but it doesn’t do d.h.a.k….d.h.a.k…d.h.a.k   any more.  
We still meet but my love doesn’t kiss my hand any more.
We still talk but he doesn’t whisper I….love…you anymore.
Sky is still studded with stars, but they don’t twinkle any more.
Moh – Gaur are alive, but they don’t live in any more.…

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