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What is "The End Of Times Mystery"

24 Dec, 2013Poonaam Uppal
Difference in our relationship had reached a state where it was stretched the maximum degree or rather point of hostility. Potential difference of opinion was causing mental and emotional strain for both of us. Stress is a vasoconstrictor and it was draining us both as we were too susceptible to such imbalance. How could there be balance between our opposing elements and tendencies “The ten-
sion was created because of diagonally opposite approaches?

I looked out far as far as my eyes could reach to see shrouded in mystery for centuries with paragon of beauty the seas of Bay of Bengal. On the edge of a meandering coastline, I could see palm
trees that swayed to the rhythm of the Sea. The beat of tribal drums haunted the stillness of early morning. Living so close to nature with
such atmosphere could bring out a highly poetic and romantic side in a person. The unparalleled beauty of the sea was to some part responsible in bringing out such sensitive and emotional part in me called love, or true love to be precise.

Nature sits here at the Bay of Bengal with caressing tenderness, of a mother the enveloping atmosphere with its subtle harmonies and the music of the birds had helped me enhance my creative side while I designed my label “Moon Goddess Lavanahz.

However, my vision went too far, well beyond pure and perfect beauty of Bay of Bengal into the realm of realistic and fatal to the point of absolute zero, Shoonya where we reach into the nothingness of Bodhi sattva far and farther and farthest where the weight of the universe compacts on us. I tried to unlock the mystery of this coast, which was revealed to me in my meditation by an Akashik voice “Everything shall begun here at the Bay Of Bengal “Since this voice I heard only after the kali merging vision, I connected this to the “End of times mystery.”But ... But…But…But what is the End Time Mystery??????? To find out read “A Passionaate Gospel Of True Love”

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